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How to take the lead in dog walking.

15th August

Enhance your dog’s wellbeing and your own by making daily walks an interactive, quality experience.

When Anna spots a human on their mobile phone, ignoring their canine chum, her stress levels rocket. “You wouldn’t expect your child to go to the park in silence,” says Anna, “no chat about the environment and what you pass on the way, would you?”

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Figures reveal Croydon is dog theft capital of London

25th May

Of 1,409 dog thefts in London over the past five years, Croydon’s police force reported the most with a total of 71 according to the survey from

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3 spaniels stolen by gang from East Yorkshire farm reunited

23rd May

Keedy, Jazz and Robbie were reported stolen from a farm at Thronholme, near Burton Agnes, on February 12 was discovered over 300 miles away.

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Police step up patrols due to dog thefts

20th May

Concerns over dog thefts in Wirral have prompted police to step up patrols in particular areas.

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New data shows the London boroughs hardest hit by dog theft.

19th May

Over 1,400 dogs have been reported stolen across the capital in the last five years, with Croydon, Lewisham and Bromley among the areas worst affected

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Lucky dog survives 100ft cliff fall

29th April

Five-year-old Frank, a terrier-type dog, fell off the cliff when he was walking along the Cleveland Way, with his owner.

Dog theft avoidance tips

26th April

Some tips on how to prevent your dog from being pinched.

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Hero husky who found abandoned baby

27th April

Praise has today poured in for Hel the hero husky who found a newborn baby boy abandoned in a park in Birmingham