How We Work


We have developed our UNIQUE proactive approach to enable you to register your dog’s details with us NOW, so if you are ever faced with the terrible situation of your dog being missing, we provide IMMEDIATE help and support by sending your alert locally & nationally.

A dog, if lost or startled, can cover an average of 12 miles in 1 hour – so it is imperative that the alert is sent out ASAP

PROACTIVE, not Reactive

We are a Proactive Missing Dog Service that works to control the situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened. Unlike other sites where the process of reporting your dog usually become ‘live’ between 4 – 24 hours after your dog goes missing, our alert system is activated within minutes, saving crucial time.

Time is of The Essence

In the unfortunate event that your dog is missing, lost or stolen, we already have your details in our database. Within seconds of you activating your ‘alert’, your information is already on its way to our wide audience network, which in turn dramatically increases your chances of being reunited with your dog. Providing instant dog missing help and support with immediate action.

Forewarned is Forearmed

Don’t wait until the ‘unthinkable’ happens

When every second counts, Lost Stolen Dog is the quickest way to
report your missing dog

By registering with us, you receive:

  • Ability to activate your ‘alert’ with one push of a button, in the unfortunate event that your dog is lost, missing or stolen

  • Receive automatic alerts of lost, stolen or missing dogs reported to us, crucial if your dog is missing

  • Ability to instantly warn other registered dog owners and social groups in your area of an attempted dog theft or any suspicious activity

  • Receive automatic alerts of suspicious activity or attempted dog thefts in your area

What we do when your dog is reported missing

Alerting us to your dog being lost or stolen could see your information reach over 500+ people locally in the first couple of minutes.
Your information will instantly be distributed to:

  • Our extensive database of dog owners in your locality
  • Local discussion groups and animal groups on Facebook
  • All our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Local Neighbourhood Watch, Nextdoor etc
  • Our nationwide network including major ‘Lost/Stolen’ dog sites
  • Your vet