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Founded in 2021, has aims to be the largest UK database of dog owners.

Dog owners are increasing upwardly mobile — the kind of audience advertisers love. The site has become a go to website for thousands of dog owners in the UK

Banner Advertising

Banner ads on are displayed on the homepage of the website and throughout the interior pages.

The minimum buy for a banner ad campaign is for 100,000 impressions, delivered in a week.

Billboard (970×250)
Half-page (300×600)

Standalone Posts

A standalone post means your event receives full limelight in an article on its own that’s published both on as well as our official social media accounts. We’ll make sure your event receives maximum visibility by blasting it out on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and in community groups!

Giveaways and Contests

For certain events, giveaways and contests can be an effective, cost-effective way of drumming up excitement. Tickets and other goodies can also be distributed at -affiliated events.